Robert B. Sloan

Dr. Robert B. Sloan is president of Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas. Dr. Sloan and his wife Sue have seven adult children and more than 20 young grandchildren. He is an author, communicator, educator, and leader—all hats he has worn many times for a variety of reasons. These four areas represent life experiences that have provided him and his family with many memories. It is in the experiences of life that memories are made and lives are shaped.

Robert Sloan has a passion for Christian higher education and the spiritual formation of young people for the glory of God, which can be seen in both his professional and personal life.

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Meet Hamelin Stoop

Hamelin Stoop: The Eagle, the Cave, and the Footbridge is Robert Sloan’s debut novel that released in the fall of 2016. Volume two, Hamelin Stoop: The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna, released February 2017. More volumes are expected soon!

This young adult fantasy series chronicles the story of orphan Hamelin Stoop. His mother abandons him as a baby in a tomato box inside the screened porch of a children’s home. The staff at the orphanage name him Hamelin Stoop, but he grows up longing to learn his real name, find his parents, and thus discover his true identity.

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The Story of the Bible

Do you want to enhance your understanding of Biblical scripture? Do you have a desire to attend a seminary class but can’t commit to a set schedule? Are you preparing to teach a church class and want to add a fresh perspective to your lesson or study?

Robert Sloan has partnered with LifeWay’s WORDsearch Bible to produce The Story of the Bible, an online certificate video course that is part of HBU’s Certificates of Study coursework. The Story of the Bible covers Genesis to Revelation and is meant to enhance your understanding of the Bible as a whole.

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Houston Baptist University

Dr. Robert B. Sloan has served as the president of Houston Baptist University since September 1, 2006. Under Dr. Sloan’s visionary leadership, the University is experiencing unprecedented growth as he and his administrative team work to implement HBU’s twelve-year vision, The Ten Pillars:  Faith and Reason in a Great City.

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Our Journey to Christmas

“Our Journey to Christmas” is an appropriate phrase to express the rich variety of feeling, belief, commitment, and theology associated with Christmas. In this Advent season, each of us is on a journey, but not all paths are equal. Your path might be taking you to...

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What are the best things?

College is a time of discovery. I don’t mean sinful discovery, though many students use it for that purpose and to their detriment. No, I mean discovering passions and interests. I mean trying a lot of new things, making new (often lifelong) friends, and learning a...

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Where does worry get you?

My assistant recently organized some of my old files, and she brought me this excerpt of a pastor column I wrote nearly 30 years ago: “I’ll admit it. I’m a worrier. I worry about today. I worry about tomorrow. I worry about money. I worry about friends. I worry about...

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