Hamelin Stoop Series

The Hamelin Stoop series is a fantasy for young adult and adult readers, and involves strange creatures, worlds, and battles of good and evil.

Robert B. Sloan has written non-fiction for many years, but writing fiction has been a life-long ambition. Work on this fantasy series began in 2006 in St. Andrews, Scotland. It has been an experience that is intertwined with the larger story arc of his own experiences of teaching, leading, and envisioning.

The Eagle, the Cave, and the Footbridge

Guided by the Great Eagle through a mysterious cave, eleven-year-old Hamelin must pass a dangerous test of courage before he can find his parents. Hamelin’s failures, fears, and hopes become part of a larger story, a story of a great struggle between worlds and kingdoms where the old myths of magic, evil contracts, and enslaved children turn out to be real.

North Texas Book Festival, 1st Place, Young Adult Fiction

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The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna

In this volume, Hamelin faces an enchanting deception that leads him to the Land of Gloaming. There, on the other side of the Atrium of the Worlds, he meets friends whose quests to find a lost sister and recover a stolen jewel of light and life result in daring and dangerous adventures for all of them.

Texas Authors Association, 2018 Best Middle School Fantasy

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The Ring of Truth

An orphan boy of great strength… A girl who dreams of another world… Danger and truth beckon them to a portal between two realms.

“…a gripping narrative that is thoroughly engrossing and hard to put down.” – Midwest Book Review

Texas Authors Institute, 2021 First Place in YA Fiction

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The Battle of Parthogen

It’s up to Hamelin and his friends to save not only Princess Sophia but all of Parthogen before Landon’s reinforcements arrive and doom the Land of Gloaming forever.

“This well-written fantasy adventure is filled with fast-paced action and thrilling moments that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.” – Midwest Book Review

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