5 powerful Ways to Describe Your Faith


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Tallwood Baptist Church, Sermon, Salvation, Historical Theology, Ethics, Morality, Eschatology, EvangelismThe Christian faith can be described using five distinct labels:

  1. Historical theology
  2. Eschatology
  3. Religious experience
  4. A mission
  5. An ethic

On the one hand, the Christian faith is a historical theology; that is, it points to certain historic events.  The death and resurrection of Jesus are the most central and significant of those events.  Because of the death of Jesus for our sins and resurrection from the grave we are offered reconciliation and peace with God.

The Christian faith is an eschatology. That is the theological term that refers to the last things. The Christian eschatology offers the hope of a resurrection life. Because of the historical theology–that is the events connected with the death and resurrection of Jesus–the Christian faith offers the promise of everlasting life in a new heaven and a new earth.

The Christian faith is also a religious experience.  As Christian people, we come together to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus for our sins.  We believe that because Jesus has been raised from the dead He is alive and present in our worship. We may come to know God through Jesus Christ. We come together to be renewed in mind and spirit, to be instructed, and to be inspired and encouraged to live as the people we have been called to be. Continue reading


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