[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My greatest joy and source of pride is being the husband of Sue, the father of 7 children, the father-in-law of 7 more amazing young adults and the grandfather of 20 grandchildren (ages nine and under!)

All of us enjoy food, conversation and parlor games, and the grandchildren enjoy coloring and writing stories, plus a thousand other things. Our conversations invariably orbit around raising children, work (not the same thing as a job), politics, sports, faith, exercise, music, and books.  Plus, there’s always time given to crazy ideas about something to do or make, or someplace new to go.

Individually, I’m crazy about popcorn, ice cream, pizza and golf, but today the popcorn is without salt, the pizza is vegetarian and light on cheese, and the ice cream is sorbet.  But the golf is improving (sort of).  And I long to be a good writer.

Some of the things I’ve done in life include:

  • Professor
  • Minister
  • University President
  • Little League Coach
  • Small Business Owner
  • Stock Farm Operator
  • School Board President
  • Chairman of Board of NYSE company
  • Writer

But, truth to tell, it’s the writing that has motivated me to create this website, which will explain why many of my earliest blogs will be focused there.   I will also write on the other categories represented in the website, so I hope you and I will interact, no matter what the topic.