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Most of you already know that you can hear me teach the Scriptures from the comfort of your home each week day via my radio program, A Higher Education. Today’s episode, which will air at 3:00 PM CST on FM 100.7 in Houston and at KKHT.com, is particularly special because I’ll be interviewing my son, Dr. Michael Sloan.

I’m delighted to have this opportunity to introduce Michael to you, and I know you’ll appreciate our conversation. He is an accomplished professor of Classics at Wake Forest University, and Sue and I are so proud of him.

Michael and I will talk about his upcoming book on leadership, and we’ll tell you which historical topics you’ll want to study further if you want to fully experience the riches of the New Testament. (I’ll give you a hint: Jesus Christ wasn’t the only man to call Himself Savior and Lord in 1st century Palestine.)

We’ll also talk about how what it means to follow Christ in academia, and I’ll even tell you about a parenting mistake I once made while Michael was growing up.

The mind is such an important part of Christian life, and I appreciate your eagerness to put your mind in service to Jesus Christ as we study the Scriptures together here on this website, and on the air. I hope you’ll join us for today’s program. If you’re not able to listen today, remember that you can always access previous episodes of A Higher Education in our radio archives.

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