Are you still keeping your New Years’ resolutions?

Plenty of people will tell you that resolutions are a waste of time, because all they do is set you up for failure. I disagree.

Of course we’re often going to fail to keep our resolutions! But if you make a resolution, at least you’ve thought about what you’d like to improve. That’s a good thing to do. Even if you only keep your resolution for a day or two, that’s a day or two longer than you’d have kept it if you hadn’t set it in the first place.

I have made a few resolutions in life that I’ve kept. So have you, I’m sure. When you resolve to do something, you say “I know I can do better” and you set your will to the task of improvement.

Paul taught that part of the fallen human condition is that we know better than we actually do. I’ll say more about that in this video, which was recorded on January 5, 2014, at Kingsland Baptist Church. Thank you for joining me.

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