How do we know God’s will? In this video I’ll talk about some of the ways God led the apostle Paul to fulfill his mission. It wasn’t always a straightforward process. Jesus the messiah first made himself known to Paul in a vision, but as time went on he revealed Paul’s calling in other ways as well.

Sometimes God worked through Paul’s good, commonsense plans, but he also worked in spite of misunderstandings, and he led through persecution. Paul didn’t always know what to expect.

The will of God is often a very messy thing. It’s good to have plans, but the Lord’s work doesn’t always go according to plan. Our sense of personal peace about a decision may or may not be a sign that we are within God’s will. Remember, God did his greatest work through Jesus’ immense suffering on the cross.

I hope you’ll find this talk helpful as you seek to live according to God’s will for your life.

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