We are individual Christians, but we should never think that that’s where our Christian identity ends. We cannot serve Christ fully unless we appreciate that we belong to and in a community of fellowship and worship, the body of Christ.

If you’re not already a part of a Christian community through your local church, I encourage you to change that. God intended for us to live out our faith with other Christians, and we must be obedient to his desires and intentions for us. God in his mercy has acted on our behalf. Therefore, because of his mercy, we must respond—in worship, in obedience, and in mission. We live for the Lord out of gratitude.

Psalm 116 is a Psalm of thanksgiving. There are other Psalms of thanksgiving, of course, but this one has a little bit of a surprising twist. I’ll explain in this video, which will complete our study of the book of Psalms for now. I’ll also say more about Christian community and about being obedient to the Lord out of gratitude.

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