It’s sometimes hard to get to church. I remember that when our children were small, Sue and I had quite a time getting all seven of them dressed and in our station wagon on Sunday mornings.

Getting to church can be hard in another way, too. It can be hard to be ready for worship when the world has been grinding us down for the previous six days. Our hearts and minds are not always ready for worship when we need them to be, but I have found that having a strong devotional life during the week helps me be better prepared for worship on Sunday mornings.

I hope this video study of Psalm 10 will help you in the coming week as you prepare to worship with fellow believers again next Sunday morning. Worship is so essential. It shapes and reorients us, and it helps us think. In worship we say what we know to be true, even if the truth is a minority view. We come, in our worship, to think the right things again. Our perspectives change.

This video was recorded at Kingsland Baptist Church.

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