The heart’s true home is in the presence of the living God. When we do not long for God’s presence, it’s a sign that our hearts don’t know what we need to become fully human.

We looked at Psalm 84 recently at Kingsland Baptist Church, where I’m serving as the interim pastor. This Psalm challenges us to ask whether we know what we need most in this life. To refuse to worship God is to refuse to be human—yet how many of us don’t want to spend time in worship? Our senses have not yet been fully trained. Our spiritual “taste buds” are immature.

To read some of my remarks from this video in a written blog, go to “What You Need to Know about Psalm 84.”

The good news is, we have a loving God who wants us to grow up into what’s best for us.

Thank you for joining our study via this video. I hope you’ll contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

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