I hope our ongoing study of the Psalms has been beneficial for you. The Psalms are, of course, the hymn book of Israel. They represent collections of prayers and thanksgivings that cover many topics.

Psalm 32 is remarkable in a number of ways. It’s not, strictly speaking, a penitential Psalm, because the Psalmist doesn’t confess his sins. Instead, he talks about the fact that he has already confessed his sins, and he rejoices in the fact that he has already experienced God’s forgiveness. The Psalmist summons others to join him in confession and he says that, in confessing our sins, we will experience not only release and forgiveness, but also sanctuary.

This Psalm has an important place in New Testament theology, and I’ll say more about that in this video. Thank you for joining us.

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This video was recorded at Kingsland Baptist Church on June 9, 2013.

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