Sometimes it can be hard for us to be fully honest in worship. When we come to the house of the Lord, we want to be encouraged, and we want to feel lifted up. That’s good, and there are Psalms that help us express that appropriately.

But most of the Psalms have an element of lament in them. It’s a fallen world, and the Psalms give us a vocabulary to express our thoughts and feelings about the suffering we experience as a result of this present evil age. Praying the Psalms can give a form and a shape to the grief we face—it’s hard to go out of bounds when we use the words of scripture to speak to God about our complaints.

We’re studying the Psalms together at Kingsland Baptist Church. In this video, we’ll look at Psalm 8, and at some of the different ways this Psalm was used in the New Testament. Thank you for joining our study via video.

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