We’ll study a few of the Psalms together at Kingsland Baptist Church over the next few weeks. We can’t possibly look at all 150 of them, but I’ll pick one main Psalm to discuss each week, and I’ll reference several others in relation to the week’s main text. I hope you’ll join us via this video and several upcoming videos.

Many years ago I asked a New Testament professor of mine which Biblical texts had most influenced Jesus. I suggested to him that the last part of the book of Isaiah had had the biggest influence on Jesus’ thinking and preaching. He agreed that the last part of Isaiah did have a tremendous influence on Jesus, but he told me that the Psalms had shaped Jesus’ heart, mind, theology, and life even more.

Jesus’ mind was so completely immersed in the Psalms that they were his life – both his inner life of worship, vocation, and self understanding, and his life as he lived out the mission he received from his Father. Keep that in mind as we study these Psalms together.

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