We’ve been looking at the book of Philippians together at Kingsland Baptist Church, where I’m serving as the interim pastor. In this video I summarize some of what we’ve said so far about the book, and focus on the last few verses of chapter 4.

Paul begins in 4:10 to thank the Philippians for the gift of money that they’ve sent. He says various, interesting things regarding the financial support they’ve sent him, the real purpose of it, the way that he thinks about it, the way he wants them to think about it, and the way God is going to use their generosity. We’ll also look at Paul’s fascinating and challenging final greetings to the church at Philippi. Some things I discuss include the word kurios (or kyrios), contentment, money, and worship.

Next week we’ll take a close look at Psalm 110. A good bit of the book of Hebrews develops the theme from Psalm 110, and it’s quoted in the New Testament more often than any other Old Testament text. The apostle Paul used it extensively. I hope you’ll benefit from the teaching on the book of Philippians in this video, and I hope you’ll join us again for next week’s study on Psalm 110.

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