I have to ask myself sometimes what grips me. What focuses my attention? What do I pay attention to? My answer may be a list of some good things. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible for each of us to be addicted to—or gripped by—things that we ought to shun and turn away from. Even good things can become a distraction as we seek to worship God through our lives, our behaviors, and through the ways that we express ourselves.

What has a grip on you?

My prayer for you is that you’ll stand firm in the faith and not back down. That you would be courageous to obey the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter the cost. That you would reorganize your life, your resources, your time, talents, families, missions, and work so that you would honor the lordship of Jesus. May we each live faithfully in a direction of conformity, completion, and maturity in Christ.

Note: This video was filmed on April 14, 2013 at Kingsland Baptist Church, where Dr. Sloan was the interim pastor.

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